What We Believe

I often get asked many questions about the differences between different ‘brands’ (also known as denominations) of churches. What are the differences? Is one truly better than another? Aren’t they all supposed to be worshipping the same God? These are great questions that this space will not allow me to answer.

So let me try to say a couple things we feel are important.
1. We believe God has revealed God’s self to us through the life and teaching of Jesus Christ and through the writings of many people over time which are gathered in a book called The Bible. 
2. We follow in a tradition started by John Wesley back in the 1700’s. Of the many ideas John Wesley taught and promoted we have what we call the “quadrilateral”, four lenses in which we view the world we are currently living in. The first lens is Scripture. The other lenses include tradition (what and how did this impact the original followers), reason, and experience..
3. While our specific beliefs may differ in some areas, we try to make love of God, love of others, and service to the world to be the foundation for all we do. Yes, we fall short at times, but we are a work in process.